Great Customer Service – You Deserve It ! !

This has nothing to do with real estate, but it does have to do with customer service.MC900440418[1]

This afternoon I went to my nearby home improvement store to get a new water filter for my fridge. After I walked around the appliance department for 10-15 minutes eye-shopping everything there but unable to find the filters, and without a sales person anywhere in sight (they must downsize their staff on weekdays), I finally found someone several isles away.

MC900438000[1]I waited till the gentleman finished making a key for a lady, then asked where I would find water filters for my refrigerator. He walked me to the end of the isle, pointed across the store and said “You’ll find them over in Appliances.” …then turned and walked the other way.

My first inclination was to go look again… but then I got mad.

InsteaMC900433825[1]d, I walked to the front of the store and right up to the lady at the customer service desk. “Since you are the customer service person,” I said, in a much calmer voice than I was feeling, “I want you to know I am leaving because there is no customer service here. I needed help to find a water filter for my fridge, but your sales person just couldn’t be bothered.”

“Wait, wait!” she said. “I’ll get someone to help you.”MC900442024[1]

“Oh, that’s okay,” I answered. “I’m sure I can find one at L—–s.” And with that, and a certain feeling of satisfaction, I politely walked out the door.

Now. Why do I admit here (in such a public forum) that I kind of showed my butt this afternoon? Because sometimes we need to say ‘enough is enough’ when we get lousy service.

MC900442036[1]Now this is not an indictment of the first home store – I have received great service there plenty of times. No – it’s about not ever forgetting that great service every day, is sometimes the only thing that sets us apart from our competition.

So next time you feel too busy , too tired, or too anything, remember that just one moment of thoughtlessness can drive away your business in a heartbeat.

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